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About Dragon Judo

About Dragon Judo

Run by Graham Moore, Dragon Judo Club is a friendly club whose doors are open to all-comers irrespective of age, gender or physical ability. Judo classes are run where both new and experienced members can learn and develop within a well structured environment. The spirit of judo is strong within our club, so all members regardless of experience are happy to help others grow.

Members of the public are more than welcome to visit any of the locations to see Dragon Judo in action. All we ask is that prospective members make contact with Graham prior to arrival in order to ensure that numbers are keep to an appropriate level.

The History of Dragon Judo

Master Jigoro KanoJudo (the gentle way) has its origins in the ancient Japanese arts of sumo and jujutsu. Its history can be traced back to the 8th century. A young jujitsu master Jigoro Kano sought to elevate the arts of combat to a higher principle enabling the development of healthy bodies and strong minds. Concerned by the high level of injuries within jujutsu schools, Professor Kano developed a system of safe practise. In 1882 Professor Kano named his new system Kodokan Judo.

The practise of judo is divided into the following sections.

  • Ukemi; the practise of receiving attacks and falling safely
  • Kata; the practise of pre-arranged forms of defence
  • Shiai; sporting contests
  • Randori; an innovation of Professor Kano, the free spontaneous practise of techniques

Judo is based upon the principles of Seiryoku Zen’Yo (maximum efficiency) and Jita Kyoei (mutual welfare and benefit). It is a comprehensive system of self defence, physical well being and an Olympic sport. Judo techniques include throwing, grappling, strangles and armlocks. Professor Kano established a modern grading system of coloured belts (kyu-dan), which has been adopted all over the world, both within the judo movement and in other Japanese martial arts.

Judo was introduced to the United Kingdom in the early 20th century. Jujutsu masters Yukio Tani and Gunji Koizumi joined the judo movement and helped found britains first judo club, the Budokwai in London in 1918. Since this time judo has developed across the country and is taught in clubs, schools, the police force and the armed forces.

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