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Beginners Guide to Judo

Beginners Guide to Judo

Welcome to our Beginners Guide to Judo. For your first day at Judo you may sit and watch and then take part when you feel ready – there is no charge for watching! Here are some helpful tips for those new to Dragon Judo Club:

  • Judo is done bare foot on mats, so no special shoes are required. 
  • Please wear a tracksuit or a loose, long sleeved top with no hood or zips and loose fitting trousers. 
  • You may purchase a judo suit when you decide you want to come regularly.

We usually start the lesson with a warm up then some ground and standing work, and we finish the lesson with a game.

The judo term closely follows school term.

At judo you will have the chance to earn yourself some grades.  All our gradings are official British Judo Association, not club gradings. This means that your progress and grades will be recognised throughout the whole of the U.K.

There are payment options, which include paying weekly or paying per half or full term (at a reduced rate). Please visit our Classes page for more details on pricing.


To apply or renew your licence with the British Judo Association, please visit the British Judo Association website.

Please note:

To complete your registration you will need the following information:

Club Name: Dragon Judo Club
Club Number: 2550

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